I do copywriting, concepting, and creative review. I also do music and photography; and I apply these sensibilities to my work.

See samples: jamesaskew.me

What I do is simple (but meaningfully complex): I craft copy and creative, emphasizing overall quality.

My aesthetic sense comes from my background in musicphotography, and the humanities. My agency experience equates to (roughly) 20,000+ hours of writing and rewriting, reviewing creative work, and promoting creative quality control.

This has built a network of connections, giving me good instincts — because I’ve seen the patterns before (the concept of thin-slicing).

I focus on the details — because it’s the details that inform the big picture, which in the final synthesis (versus analysis) is what characterizes great work.

Here’s a visual metaphor.

I can make your project as good as it can possibly be. Let’s discuss how!

Get in touch: refine2be@gmail.com